Cast Glass

With more than 15 years experience we are capable of producing cast architectural glass for almost any environment.  Our commission list includes glass walls. showers, counter tops, lighting, flooring, tables, partitions and room dividers, room numbers and even sinks.  There is no project the we take on that is too small and every commission is treated with the utmost care to produce stunning visual effects.

Sculptural Metals

With the latest metal fabrication equipment in our studio we are capable of working in bronze, stainless steel and aluminum to produce stunning sculptural metal art.  As one of the few hand forging operations in the State of Hawaii - we pride our selves in carrying on this age old tradition.  Weather your looking for a custom gate, pedestrian entrance or an abstract metal sculpture for your garden - we will take great care to provide you with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Stained Glass

As with most art forms, skills are honed over time.  For more than 35 years Lionel Prevost of Studio 388 has been crafting leaded glass panels for cathedrals, offices and homes.  The scale rage is from small cabinet glass to 25 foot tall walls of glass.  In addition to new creations, Mr. Prevost has conducted some of the more difficult stained glass restorations for churches such as hand painted glass for the Our Lady of Peace Cathedral in downtown Honolulu.

Erched Glass

An art form that has passed the test of time - etched glass has it's own unique flair and is found in kitchens, bathrooms, entrance ways of distinction and many other architectural applications.  It is an eclectic way to embrace the past yet still evoke a romantic feel in the right environment.

As time changes, skill levels change.  Our work has progressed from small stained glass panels made in our garage to works that cover entire building walls created in our 5000 square foot studio.  The name of our company has also changed as we have moved from stained glass to blown glass and then from blown glass to cast glass.  Today we produce as much art work in bronze, aluminum and stainless steel as we do in cast glass. 

This has been a natural evolution that has required us to re-brand, rethink and redirect our goals, directions and ambitions.  Our focus for the next decade is to move into larger public art that is sculptural, timeless and capable of withstanding the elements with little to no maintenance.  To that end we have weekly new product reviews and testing sessions in a quest to use only the best coatings, sealants and production tools to make our works stand the test of time.